Here’s what Susann had to say:

I want to retire later this year and move to an area with a lower cost of living. I have a commute and a full-time job. The task to get my house ready for sale and on the market early in the season seemed overwhelming and impossible. I have struggled with clutter and disorder my whole life and my house was a total mess.
When I learned about Sharón’s organizing business, I sent her pictures of each room–even the closets– and she gave me an estimate for her service. It was a bit of an investment, but it has really paid off. Sharón performed a miracle! I could not imagine my house being organized within 7 days as well as being staged for sale, but it happened.
She knew how many boxes I needed to buy and shared pointers on how to pack efficiently. While I was at work, Sharón packed out of season clothes, books, papers, and other items that I did not need for short term use. She helped me decide which belongings to donate to charity and how to document them efficiently for tax deductions.
After we had cleared two of the bedrooms, Sharón helped me choose contemporary colors for the walls and painted them with me. The new colors gave my house a warm and inviting feeling. She also recommended a different accent color for my dining room and it, too, looked better when we had finished painting it.
Sharón is a born negotiator. She spoke with the neighbor’s lawn crew and bargained for a good price for them to give my yard a facelift. It gave my house curb appeal to the point that my dog walker drove past the house twice before realizing it was mine. She asked me if one of those home design shows had visited my house when she saw the painted and staged interior.
While conversing with one of my neighbors, Sharón arranged for him to do some repairs on my house for just the cost of the materials.
There were many little extras that Sharón did that reduced the stress of selling and moving that I was feeling. She helped me select a maid service to do a deep cleaning of my house before putting it on the market. She even delayed her drive home to supervise the maid crew while I was at the office to make sure that the cleaning was done thoroughly.
When it was time to select a realtor to represent me, Sharón used one of her real estate contacts to vet the woman whom I was considering. Sharón also had her contact find and vet a high performing realtor in a town I wanted to investigate as a place to retire. She also suggested optimum dates for my house to go on the market to attract buyers.
I received comprehensive services from Sharón:
Two thirds of my belongings are packed and in storage now.
My house has some rooms with new paint that have improved the feel and look of my home.
My yard has a professionally manicured look.
My house is now sparkling clean and no longer cluttered.
I know how to finish packing my belongings and Sharón gave me strategies on how to arrange my relocation move.
My house is going on the market at the start of the buying season.
Now that the excess stuff is out of my house it is much easier to keep it clean and orderly. I was overwhelmed by all of the clutter and how to deal with it. I never felt judged by Sharón for having this challenge in my life. She put in long hours to get the job done and now I have a “new” house.