LightKeepers are a group of seventeen Spiritual Entities that represent both Eastern and Western philosophy who work with Sharón. Their goal is to empower us so we can begin to understand our life and our original goals, along with what gifts and challenges we brought with us. With spiritual guidance, we learn how to better use the one gift we all share: free will choice, which enables us to make wiser decisions. The LightKeepers are bottom-line oriented. Quick-witted and detailed the LightKeepers share knowledge, insights and wisdom through love, knowledge, humor and joy to assist us with opening our minds and enhancing our growth. They have a wonderful way of expressing the truth, both pleasant and unpleasant news, in a spirit of love. After a session with the LightKeepers, you will feel buoyed, loved, joyful and uplifted. As one client shared, the LightKeepers could easily be called the “keepers of de-light”.

Sharón talks about her upcoming book

“Keepers of d’Light – Opening Doors to Other Worlds”

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